Mario Games Beaten Simultaneously with One Input


Jesus Christ.

No words necessary, just watch.

  • Andrew Allen

    I…ow. No. I can’t take it.

  • Fei Wong

    Awesome. You’re making sure Mario gets his propers here on
    Stage 1-2 in SMB3…That backpeddling…awesome. Wow. I used to be great…but I never did that.

    Watching them together I thought this:
    SMB 2 – Most unique and eclectic design. It was originally another game Doki Doki Panic, converted to SMB2.
    SMB 3 – the deepest of any Mario game…even more than SMW in many ways.

    Example – Dropping from the foreground to the background.
    Great use of limited space and depth cues to show that.
    But I mean, it’s almost like breaking the 4th wall.
    Can you imagine going into the background and skipping the flag in SMB1 and Lost Levels? That’s be a glitch a hack…never real gameplay. Because that’d be sacrelige.

    Speaking of the devil, Matt, where is Jesus Christ Matt?
    You mentioned him but I didn’t see him in any of the videos:0…

  • Don Jaime

    Obviously machine assisted and basically -every- exploit used, but cool nonetheless. I had no idea Luigi was such a pimp in SMB2! I could never get that twinkletoes shit to work correctly.

  • Erika Edgerley

    That’s completely insane.