New Nintendo Console on the Horizon

Everyone and their Padinga are reporting that Nintendo will unveil a new console at E3 this June.  Details are scant, but here is what everyone seems to agree on:

  • The goal of this new console is to retake the hardcore market
  • It will be more powerful than the 360 and Ps3
  • It will be fully backward compatible with the Wii
  • Capable of full 1080p
  • Will have a brand new controller with some sort of touch sensitive screen

Sorry granny, it is OUR turn now!

All I can say is, “FUCK YES!”  Software is where most of the money is made on video games, and hardcore gamers buy the most software.  Nintendo has basically ridden the mama’s and the papa’s and their mama’s and papa’s all the way to Wii Sports heaven and is now coming back to their bread and butter; me, you, and all the Padingans under the giant star.

Nintendo is currently showing this new console to publishers to drum up interest and content for a 2012 release.  A pre-E3 announcement is rumored to break before April is done.

More as it develops!

  • Maul

    Where is this touch screen controller news comin’ from? I’d gathered that was just more gossip.

  • Mecha

    Retake the hardcore market? They haven’t had that bsince the snes!

  • RurouniQ

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.
    Please let that screen on the controller actually project a 3D image into your field of view like fucking Star Wars.

  • Maul

    You watch my roommate be correct on this one… we’re all going nuts with speculation, it’ll probably just be a wii with better graphics. :p