This is How A Heart Breaks

It is almost exactly 24 hours since I last wrote a post complaining that PSN was rebuffing my attempts to invade its ladyparts. Since then, the situation has evolved significantly. Last night, PSN seemed intent on blaming me for my lack of access. It spouted a fancy code at me, and insisted some “Error” was taking place. Now, we have something more honest: Sony telling me to go away. Just get lost. PSN is basically just not answering the door. I can’t come out and play today, I have homework.

What kind of maintenance, I wonder, is the !#$@#$% hold-up? What leaping unicorns and free ice cream cones will be awaiting us when this metamorphosis completes? Or maybe Anonymous actually got to them?


you know, I’ve never seen that; I could never get past the title.

  • Maul

    Look, they just… they have a headache tonight, ok? You can play in their pants tomorrow night. They promise.

  • Barb Steele

    Sounds like they were hacked, and are “investigating”.