Portal Giveaway!

Would you like a free copy of the original Portal? Have you for some odd reason played through Portal 2 wondering who or what GLaDOS is? Well, now’s your chance to find out for free!

How do I enter?

Any time from now and until 11:59 PM (PST) May 6th all you need to do is register and Padinga and post a comment on any article posted from now and until May 6th.

What do I win?

A copy of Valve’s original award winning breakout hit, Portal for Steam.

When will I know if I won?

The winner will be randomly chosen and notified by May 8th. Winner will need to friend me on Steam to receive their prize.

Good luck!


image source: bear-shaped-ham

  • http://padinga.com/members/don-jaime-2/ Don Jaime

    There’s people who haven’t played Portal?

  • http://padinga.com/members/thecrimsonking/ TheCrimsonKing

    I know this’ll ruin the whole idea….. but what if you switched the giveaway to starcraft 2 isntead eh? eh?

  • http://padinga.com/members/douglaspalmer/ DouglasPalmer

    starcraft 2 would be awesome, but its not on steam. Portal 2 will have to suffice

  • http://padinga.com/members/rurouniq/ RurouniQ

    I’d give you mine, but it’s tied to my battle.net account and I might want my WoW characters again someday.

  • http://padinga.com/members/rurouniq/ RurouniQ

    Just a note… It’s Portal 1, rather than Portal 2.