Sharks Vs. Divers

So apparently, somewhere in the world, there is a collection of super-human geniuses who decided that gamers should get to duke it out as sharks and scuba divers. This, I’m fairly certain, is the apex of man’s achievements in the world. Check out this Youtube video and beg for mercy from the awesome.

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i’d explain it, but there’s a lot of math

  • Don Jaime

    It’s an original concept to say the least.

    It seemed comical at first watching some divers invade the sharks’ territory and shooting up a bunch of dumb fish for gold trinkets. It also didn’t seem like there was a lot of depth (no pun intended) in the gameplay either. Then I realized you could control one of the sharks if you choose and that indeed makes it awesome. Just gnawing on a diver’s hand seems kinda mild behavior for death machines of the deep though, so hopefully there’s a wide array of “rip that bastard in half” attacks.

  • Andrew Allen

    Sharks. Divers. That is pretty much everything I needed to hear for me to plunge (now who’s punning?) headfirst into blind, unyielding loyalty to this game.