Where “Portal” Began

I swear to you, this will be the last time I do a post on “Portal 2.” Well, I don’t swear that exactly, but I am aware that we’ve done a fair amount of them, just in case you think we’re all mindless Valve drones over here. Now check out this video pertaining to the Glorious Master.

This is “Narbacular Drop,” a game created by students at DigiPen, which directly inspired and led to “Portal.” Valve saw this game, and promptly gobbled up everyone who had worked on it to develop the legendary franchise we know and love now. You play as “Princess No-Knees,” escaping imprisonment from a Scientology-like evil despot with the use of Wally, some kind of magic elemental dude who creates portals, seemingly by making you walk through his mouth.

Looks pretty different, doesn’t it? In truth, though, there are some weirdly coinciding threads: you’re still playing as a woman, and you’re still trying to escape a facility where you’re being imprisoned against your will. And humor is important in both, albeit this is a far goofier affair.

And speaking of goofy, don’t even bother hitting up the Dictionary for “Narbacular,” it’s not a word. The dev team invented it to help with google searches. I mean really, what kind of jerkwads would just invent some nonsense name in the hopes that people would find it memorable? We here at Padinga find that deplorable. Padinga wouldn’t stand for that kind of behavior.

If you’ll pardon me, I have something lodged in my Padinga.


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