Oh come ON!!!

Really, Sony? REALLY??

Multiple sites are reporting that Sony has suffered yet ANOTHER compromise.

The new password reset system that Sony erected after bringing PSN back up from its historical multi-million-account compromise has already been… well, compromised. Any misanthropic individual who knows your PSN ID, date of birth, and email address could compromise your PSN account, changing the password, email and other details as they see fit. Oh, and it just so happens that’s EXACTLY the type of information that was compromised in the original hack.

The good news is that Sony has already taken the page down and is working to correct the problem. The bad news, beyond the already pretty bad, is that this exploit doesn’t even require a true hack. All it requires is reworking the URL a little, entering the compromised information, and doing a little fancy tab-hopping with your browser. This is AMATEUR-LEVEL SHIT.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really sick of this. Some have said that this compromise was going to force Sony to shore up their security, and as a result, Sony’s online presence would be one of the most secure on the Net. Personally, though, I’d say this runs counter to that claim, yes?

Sony says that they are automatically changing the password and sending an email out to anyone who has been compromised by this latest exploit, but personally, though I have not received an email from Sony, I’m changing my password anyway as soon as I’m able. I’m through with trusting these fuckers.