Atlus Announces Persona 2 for the US

Yes...Hitler is in the game.

This morning, Atlus announced that it would finally be bringing over the “lost” chapter in the Persona 2 series, Innocent Sin. It was never released in America, however it recieved a very well written english fan translation a few years back.

Following in the footsteps of Persona 1 PSP, Innocent Sin will feature an updated interface which resembles that of it’s predecessor, updated character art, new quests, and an remixed soundtrack. However, in an attempted to more of the “hardcore” and long term fans of the series, Atlus also included the original soundtrack. There will also be some user generated levels, but I havent delved much into that aspect.

Look for Persona 2 on store shelves this fall! The PSP shall live forever!

Finally, North American gamers will be able to join forces with Tatsuya and the like and battle the evil Hitler!

Wait…what have they done to Hitler!?!


Deal With It

  • RurouniQ

    Hitler is now a suave motherfucker, that’s what.

  • TheCrimsonKing

    What does it mean?!

  • Matthew Nyquist

    That is pretty awesome they are bringing that over.

  • Maul

    Jesus. This is awesome. Mecha, you really need to post more shit.