In Short: Sony Press Conference E3

So much glitz and glam. Sony lost a lot of face this year, and they were working hard to earn it back. Free food from all the best food trucks in LA, free booze, a concert performed by Jane’s Addiction…

But that’s just for us. That’s Sony swaying the press. Ultimately, for you the reader and consumer, the real test comes down to the games.  Beyond the spin, you can look at a list of titles and decide for yourself who’s getting your bucks this year.

If you’re like me, you like a concise list, rather than sifting through whole chat-blogs and podcasts to find your info. (though, still, download ours) So, here’s  a brief review.

Believe it or not, he didn't spout one meme-creating line all night.

This is going to be so, so barebones. I’ve got to get up in 3 hours for Ninetendo’s conference and we’re all torn up from the walking today.

Step by step, this is what Sony announced/showed:

- Addressed the PSN Hacking. Chose to dive into it head-on rather than ignore it. Issued public apology. Doesn’t solve the problem, but there ya go.

- Partnership with Cinema Now for more movie streaming options.

- Uncharted 3 confirmed. Pretty snazzy game demo. Beta opens June 28th. Subway sandwich shops will have codes to unlock the entire game early, printed on promotional cups.

- Resistance 3 confirmed. Not a great trailer, but I’ve always found the series to be bland. Great bundle deal, though, a Move set-up, with the sniper set-up and a copy of the game for $150.

- God of War (PSP) and ICO/Shadow of the Colossus remastered for PS3. I saw ‘em. They’re not vast improvements over the originals, but they are improved to some degree, and a lot easier to find.

- Some very impressive tech, Sony introduces a value bundle 3-D TV which includes Resistance and a set of 3-D goggles for only $500. Also, new tech allows for frequency swapping via the goggles. Two players look at the same screen together but see different content.

- NBA 2k12. Move compatible. Looked okay, but they brought out Kobe Bryant to demo, and he seemed totally lost.

- Medieval Moves. Move exclusive. What sounded like a little-kid in a suit of armor battles Maximo looking undead creatures. Game is supposed to support flawless weapon cycling during play.

- Infamous 2. Will be out by the time you read this.

- Little Big Planet 2. More downloadable content, and move compatibility.

- Star Hawk: … I honestly fell asleep for a moment during this demo.

- Sly Cooper returns! No real details yet.

- Dust –  Tactical, often vehicle based, combat.

- Bioshock Infinite confirmed. PS3 version is Move compatible, and also includes the original Bioshock.

- Saints Row 3 confirmed. Few details.

- New Star Trek game revealed, base d on movie franchise. Move compatible, PSN will have an exclusive prequel level for the game.

- SSX returns. PS3 version will have a map based on Map Fuji, created from satelite link-ups.

- New Need for Speed game on the way out. PS3 version includes 7 exclusive cars

- Battlefield 3 will also grace the PS3. PS3 version will also contain Battlefield 1943 full game.

- Street Fighter x Tekken. Finally, the bitter rivalry between these tremendous fighters… solved.

- Aaaaand the rest of the conference was dedicated to the NGP, which is now named the Playstation Vita. You know, gotta capture that hispanic market, after all. Anyway, that will get its own series of articles tomorrow, but for the moment, i’ll just say that it and its games look real nice, and they’re only $249-$299 depending on your wireless connection

Okay, gang. I’m literally on the verge of falling asleep on my keyboard, so its time for bed. Sorry for how bare this thing is, but I’d rather just get the info out to you, and do some more flashy and cool stuff once we’ve got the demos in-hand.

Till tomorrow!!

  • TheCrimsonKing

    Value bundle 3-D TV for $500? Wow, do you know the size of the TV?

  • Maul

    24″. Not very big, really, but its a fair value for the bundle, still. Its being marketed as one for a bedroom or dormroom, from the looks of the display.

  • http://Garbage Aurora Corpsealis

    Vita is Latin and Italian, not Spanish.

    Keep collecting them unemployment checks Maul.

  • Eric Robbins

    Definitely heading for the dorm room.

  • Maul

    Ah, yes, correct. Vida would be the Spanish. Also, stfu.