E3 2011: Dr. Noh’s Wii U Impressions

Someone set us up the bomb

-My initial response was excitement. I wasn’t sure which rumors to believe, but when many of them were confirmed, I was surprised.

-The push for more triple-A western developed titles is impressive. I’m really looking forward to trying out Aliens: Colonial Marines and Battlefield 3 on the console.

Shield Pose Demo


-The most interesting aspect of the Wii U controller is the interactivity between the controller, the player, and the tv. During the press conference, many cheers were deservedly given to a tech demo showing the controller being utilized to throw shooting stars, and interactivity of the Wii-U controller with original Wii remote simulating golf.

Old school Wii U


-The connectivity of the Wii U controller and the Wii U console is a natural progression of the Gamecube to Gameboy Advance connectivity from last generation.

-The graphical capabilities seem to be on par with the X-Box 360 and PS3. This worries me a bit because when Sony and Microsoft end up announcing their new consoles, they will likely be more graphically powerful than the Wii-U. As long as the Wii U is competing graphically with current gen consoles, I think it stands a very good chance of giving them a run for their money.

Japanese Garden Tech Demo


-The weight of the Wii U controller is light. The construction of the body feels very similar to the Classic Controller Pro on the Wii. It’s very comfortable to hold. The analog thumb sticks are similar to the 3DS circle pad. The thumb sticks move very smoothly and also feel very comfortable.

-Nintendo said that the Wii U controller is not intended to be a portable gaming device, but I intent to carry it with me everywhere I go, just to show it off.

Add changeable faceplates and you got what looks to be a 360 mini


-Not much was said about the Wii U console itself, but the face somewhat reminds me of the X-Box 360.

-I would like to see a Phoenix Wright game based off of the upcoming Takashi Miike film developed for the Wii U. The Wii U controller could be utilized to search for clues.

-I hope Square Enix ends up developing Dragon Quest X for Wii U.

-Battle Mii: A multiplayer game featuring Mii characters in varia suits with one piloting Samus’s ship. The player using the Wii U controller controls Samus’s ship, and the other players battling against the ship. The unique gameplay aspect comes from the opponents not being able to see what the pilot can see.

-Chase Mii: Very reminiscent of Pacman VS on Gamecube. One player controls a Mii wearing a Mario cap while other players control Toads. It starts as a game of hide and seek, but as the Toads get closer, it becomes a games of dodging and evading. My favorite demo so far.

-Japanese Garden Tech Demo: Shows off the graphical prowess of the system. The screen traverses highly rendered scenery, bloom effect and all, while following a bird. The Wii U controller can be utilized to examine the finer details of the scenery.