E3: Galaga Dimensions for Xbox

I’ve never really followed how the 1980s arcade games I used to play have evolved in modern gaming. Usually when I think of games like Galaga, I’m imagining my childhood dentist’s office. Yep, my dentist had one of those game tables with a whole variety of arcade classics. A great way to distract yourself from the fact that you’re about to get your teeth drilled, but still, not really a way to foster a fond connection to those.

Galaga Dimensions blew those bad memories right out of the water. The E3 demo offered 5 levels, and the guy was very nice about the fact that I absolutely sucked in the first level. I quickly got the hang of it though (there are only a few controls, so I’d be kind of embarassed if I didn’t) and by the end of the demo I was rocking the game, and hungry for more. This is the type of game I’d play at home and make explosion noises as shit blew up. And I wouldn’t feel ashamed. Not at all.

If you’re a die hard Galaga fan, I can’t really say what you’ll think of it. But as someone more or less unfamiliar with the last few generations of the series, I thought it was pretty damn sweet.