E3: Sesame Street’s “Once Upon a Monster” for Xbox Kinect

Sort of a weird title to review on a grown up gaming site, but this game was too adorable to pass by. The graphics were beautiful and everyone playing looked like they were having a blast.

The story follows Elmo, Cookie Monster, and other Sesame Street friends as they find a living storybook called “Once Upon a Monster” which draws them in. The players move through the storybook chapter by chapter and page by page, as the characters try to befriend the monsters they meet.

Hit the jump for some screenshots and a video of people playing the game.

There are 6 chapters, and each of which consist of several challenges. In one section you tempt little fluffy monsters over and rub their bellies to befriend them.

These li'l guys. D'awwwwww.

The chapter I played involved jumping around mimicking a huge monster in order to win his trust. As a lazy adult, I was pretty worn out after a few minutes of this, but I imagine that a little kid would have hours of fun with this game. Heck, even I might go back for another try.

This isn’t me, but I guarantee, I looked just as silly: