E3: There be dragons! And tanks!

And of course, dragons.

I’m the E3 newbie on the crew, so rather than concentrate on hitting up specific games today, I spent most of my time soaking in the event itself and admiring the outrageous displays.  As anyone who has ever followed E3 knows, this conference is huge.  All of the big players have built themselves booths the size of miniature castles, full of game demos, private meeting rooms and viewing areas, and of course, ostentatious displays. Hell, they even have a smoke machine up in the rafters pumping out all sorts of misty atmosphere.

Here’s a small selection of photos from the floor. Apologies in advance, gentlemen — no pictures of booth girls from me! I’ll try to catch some tomorrow.


First… tanks! Courtesy of World of Tanks! They even gave out little toy tanks to everyone! The staff at the front desk of the convention center weren’t quite up to speed, though. They thought all of the military people wandering around were for real.



Next, Nintendo. Their booth even looks like a Wii. And inside the booth seems like a rave. The conclusion is that inside every Wii is a party, all the time.

There were also plenty of mascots big enough to see from space. This Sonic was the most terrifying of the bunch.

That’s all for tonight!