Padinga’s Best of E3 2011, Part One




Well folks, it all comes down to this: the crew here at Padinga are weighing in with their favorite games from this year’s E3. For part one, we’re going to break it down by system. Part Two will go by genre, and finally we’ll conclude with overall.

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Andrew–Gears of War 3

Barb–Once Upon A Monster

Breakman X–Gears of War 3

Dr Noh–Otomedius Excellent

Eric–Gears of War 3

Maul–Gears of War 3

Q–Gears of War 3

Mecha–Was Microsoft even at E3?


Andrew–Uncharted 3

Barb–Uncharted 3

Breakman X–Uncharted 3

Eric–Uncharted 3

Maul–Uncharted 3

Q–Twisted Metal

Mecha–Twisted Metal


Breakman X–Kirby Wii

Dr Noh–Kirby Wii

Eric–Zelda: Skyward Sword

Maul–Zelda: Skyward Sword

Q–Rhythm Heaven

Mecha–Kirby Wii


Andrew–Star Wars: The Old Republic

Barb–Rainbow Star Girl

Breakman X–Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dr Noh–Battlefield 3

Eric–Star Wars: The Old Republic



Mecha–The Old Republic



Andrew–Mario Kart

Barb–Kid Icarus Uprising

Breakman X–Super Mario 3DS

Dr Noh–Tetris 3DS

Eric–Super Mario 3DS

Q–Super Mario 3DS

Mecha–Devil Survivor Overclocked



Andrew–Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Barb–Rainbow Star Girl

Breakman X–Virtua Tennis

Eric–Sound Shapes


Mecha–Gravity Crash




Barb–Rainbow Star Girl (jeez, Barb, broken record)

Breakman X–Bastion

Dr Noh–Minecraft

Eric–Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet


Q–Rock of Ages


  • Maul

    So, I had to Google Rainbow Star Girl after Barb voted for it so many times, and this was the first video result I got.

    Check out who’s playing it at 5:24…

  • Andrew Allen

    Haha, yeah I saw that video last night, and I THOUGHT the cover picture looked like her, but I couldn’t find her anywhere in the video so I gave up. I KNEW it!

  • Barb Steele

    Its my first very small step towards Internet stardom.