Padinga’s Best of E3 2011, Part Two



It just keeps on coming, Dear Reader. Can you handle it? Part Two, which will be thematically united by genre. Hit the jump.

Andrew–Battlefield 3

Barb–Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Breakman X–Sonic: Generations

Dr Noh–Batman: Arkham City

Eric–Prey 2

Maul–Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Q–Bioshock: Infinite

Mecha–Sonic: Generations


Andrew–Prey 2

Barb–Prey 2

Breakman X–Battlefield 3

Dr Noh–Battlefield 3

Eric–Prey 2

Maul–Battlefield 3


Mecha–Battlefield 3


Andrew–Batman: Arkham City

Barb–Batman: Arkham City

Breakman X–Super Mario 3DS

Dr Noh–Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Eric–Uncharted 3

Maul–Batman: Arkham City

Q–Bioshock: Infinite

Mecha–Dragon’s Dogma


Andrew–Mass Effect 3

Barb–Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Breakman X–Star Wars: The Old Republic

Eric–Mass Effect 3

Maul–Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Q–Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Mecha–Dead Island (…what? You get experience points and level up!)


Andrew–Mario Kart 3DS

Barb–Rainbow Star Girl (for the love of God, Barb)

Breakman X–SSX

Dr Noh–Mario Kart 3DS


Q–Mario Kart 3DS

Mecha–FIFA 2012


Barb–Street Fighter X Tekken

Breakman X–Street Fighter X Tekken

Dr Noh–Street Fighter X Tekken

Eric–Street Fighter X Tekken

Maul–Street Fighter X Tekken

Q–Anarchy Reigns

Mecha–Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Andrew–Dance Central 2

Barb–Dance Central 2

Eric–Dance Central 2

Maul–Dance Central 2

Q–Rhythm Heaven  (damn it, Q, we almost had a clean sweep!)

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