Red Faction Thinks You’re An Idiot



Dear Reader,

“Red Faction” either thinks you’re a moron, or it’s the clingy, needy girlfriend of the gaming world. Why are there two separate “Red Faction” games in existence in the span of a few months? May I remind the good people at Volition–actually, “good people” is a stretch when dealing with the architects of “Saint’s Row”–that “Armageddon” does, in fact, have multiplayer.

Hit the jump as I continue to verbally lacerate this ridiculous display of crass consumer terrorism.

“But not competitive!” they might reply stiffly. Too true. One wonders, then, why they didn’t just go nuts and bundle “Battlegrounds” into the game they just released. I fear this is the new wave of game development: taking what we used to pay a flat rate for, and splitting it up into a la carte, pre-digested segments, and billing us separately for each over a period of time. Maybe they’re not clingy after all: maybe they just think you’ll fall for this.

You know, THQ, most game companies try to be at least a little discrete about it when they want to bend me over a table. Bungie lets me sit on “Halo” for awhile before they start charging me for access to 60% of the playlists by releasing a new map pack. There’s just something classy about it. But oh no, you moved in for the kill before “Armageddon” even came out. What kind of girl do you think I am?

Think about THQ’s line of reasoning here: we had these game modes, they were finished at about the same time, they run on the same engine and employ many of the same basic game mechanics, but you shan’t have them all at once! I guess some brilliant Imagineer over there dared to dream: why can’t we have seventy dollars instead of boring old sixty? Let’s dismember our game and mail it to them in pieces! The silly fools will pay for anything!

Now I hear “Armageddon’s” not a bad game, and I enjoyed the demo. But I’ve got serious second thoughts about supporting this kind of slick, snake-oil-salesman technique. You’re on notice, guys.

And while I have you here, Volition, what’s with the future jets in “Saint’s Row: The Third”?


do you have to use so many curse words?

  • Eric Robbins

    You do know that Battlegrounds has been out since early April, right?

  • Andrew Allen

    Good call, I had forgotten that they released it in April. I thought it came out more recently. My argument still stands, though!

  • Maul

    Hey now. Wasn’t nothing wrong with them future jets. Saints Row the 3rd demo was awesome.

    Its officially my second favorite ‘the 3rd’, right after Lupin the 3rd.

  • mecha

    Why does a game need competetive multiplayer to survive nowadays? Let volition make the really well done modes it wants and not force them to make some shitty tacked multiplayer like red faction 3 had.

    Besides, if people were actually smart shoppers, you would have noticed that red faction armagdeddon has been on sale at nearly every retail chain since its release. I picked it up for a measly $20 after sales and coupons and am absolutely having a blast with single player and infestation mode.

    Btw, battlegrounds sucked ass.