Street Fighter Heroclix: When Video and Board Games Collide

Hey! Its Maul! I’m drunk and should probably be in bed, but I’m here, casting aside all journalistic integrity to write to you on some very important matters. That’s right, video games are now protected by the first amendment as ruled on by the supreme court. You see, now… I… oh, it seems Andrew has already addressed that.

Well, okay, how about we talk some more about the Wii U? I was really down for that at first, and I may be still, but only one of the new controllers? Man, that is some BS right there. One of the functions I was really looking forward to was having everyone use the controller to play different missions simultaneously and… I… oh, it seems Andrew has already covered that.


Fine, fine. Well, I’m going to talk about some collectible miniature gaming, then, as that is one of the few things I might actually enjoy more than video games. Yes, pretty sure it goes naked girls, then board games, and then video games. And movies. And tacos are probably somewhere in that list. Jesus, I love tacos.

… where was I? Oh yeah, anyway, Wizkids and NECA have put their collective, now merged, company license collections together and expanded the already popular Heroclix brand with a new product: STREET FIGHTER HEROCLIX!

This past weekend was the Origins game con in So Cal, and someone managed to get pics of and cobble together the entire set poster from the previewed snippets on the con floor. Check out these beautiful miniature sculpts!

And hit the jump for close-ups!

For those of you not in the know, Heroclix is a game started about ten years ago by a little company called Wizkids, which has been bought and swapped around a few times, much like your mom, and is currently owned by NECA, who make some of the best toys ever. They made McFarlane Toys go bankrupt, if that tells you anything. The game is, according to the motto, “like chess, but with superpowers”, and that’s not too far off the mark. The game is greatly about positioning and timing, but all the pieces also can throw cars and show lasers and all the myriad different powers of the superdoop world.

Characters are all from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and include the 4 bosses.

While traditionally Heroclix has just done Marvel and DC comics, NECA’s license gathering power has recently opened up the game to new avenues, particularly in video games. This year, Wizkids plans on printing clix based on Halo, Gears of War 3, and the one that’s got my blood pumping, Street Fighter.

At last, I can re-enact my favorite battles from the X-men/Street Fighter arcade game! Glee!

The set consists of a 6-figure starter pack, which contains Ken, Ryu, Blanka, Guile, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim, along with rules and a terrain map. There are 23 other figures in the set, sold in single boosters, including Turbo edition repaints of the main figures, and different versions of a few fan favorites with different play styles.

My only complaint is the sheer excess of Ken and Ryu. I know, I know, they’re everybody’s homies. But I’d happily trade one of each and three of my own fingers for Sakura.

Mmm… underage…

Anyway, that’s a little sneak peek at the full set. Its due out in August, and you can be sure I’ll be hosting some sort of tournament at my local comic shop when they finally drop!



That flip-kickin' Guile is bad-ass! And Akuma and Evil Ryu!? *hyperventilates*

I wonder if the Japanese clix will invert the Bison/Balrog/Vega names back to their original owners? If so, its time to import!

*images taken by user Thunderclese on Thanks, Mr. Clese!

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