F.3.A.R is Great, Andrew Wins Again


Dear Reader,

So if you’re playing “F.3.A.R.” right now…well, actually, you’re probably about to die, because you’re reading this instead of looking out for that Replica soldier moving in on your flank. Pause the game, for the love of God. Got it? Excellent. Okay, now as I was saying: I was right again. “F.3.A.R.” is awesome. I’ve been rooting for this one since E3 2010, and with it finally out now after several delays, it was worth the wait.

I won’t bore you with a “review,” but there’s so much to love here. The innovative, four-player-only multiplayer works like a dream. The campaign isn’t scary, but the A.I. is fierce, co-op is a blast, and the in-game leveling system is fantastic. I’ve often espoused the virtues of persistent growth between multiple game modes, and “F.3.A.R.” has that in spades, much to my delight. “F@#ing Run” is every bit as fun as it sounded, but “Contractions” and “Soul King” also prove to be great experiences in their own right.

Day 1 has made a really unique shooter here, offering a blend of all the modern shooter bells and whistles, plus some features no one else is doing. I couldn’t be happier. Well, except that it’s not scary.


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