Steam Summer Sale begins now!



Last year, Steam managed to suck so much money out of my wallet with their “Perils of Summer” Sale.  Every day, new games would appear, typically for really great prices.  Well, its that time again, and now Valve invites everyone to Summer Camp!  New this time around is the ability to unlock “tickets” that can be redeemed for DLC from various titles.  Tickets are earned by completing several summer themed achievements across the games; get the achievement, get a ticket.  At the moment, all items cost 3, and you can earn one instantly by joining the Steam Summer Sale Group.

That’s not all though!  100 lucky users will be gifted their top 10 games in their Steam wishlist, selected randomly by a drawing that occurs when the sale concludes.  Every ticket earned grants you additional entries into the drawing, so get on it!

Steam store!

Today’s highlights include:
Borderlands GOTY – $7.50
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion GOTY – $6.80
Witcher 2 – $33.49

  • Don Jaime

    I love Steam.
    The Valve Complete Pack is only 50 bucks. I snatched that while I could. So much awesome in there and I can finally see what the big deal with Half Life is.

    The Borderlands GOTY includes all the DLC as far as I know and is a GREAT freakin deal. Too bad I’ve already bought most of that crap for the 360.

    Didn’t buy a whole lot last year, but that’s gonna change.

    I didn’t know about that tickets thing. That’s pretty cool but I imagine the odds are kinda slim of winning. Still pretty awesome though,.

  • TheCrimsonKing

    Just bought Boarderlands and since playing with people at random can be sometimes…unrewarding, if any of you have it and want to play let me know. Steam ID is “thecrimsonking”.

  • Don Jaime

    If for some reason it goes back on sale (naturally I missed that yesterday and found out when I’m at work) I’m in. It’s gotta be better than the 360 version and I’d have no problem with a little redundancy of purchase. But somehow I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Does Steam ever repeat deals during the summer sale?

  • Dr. PooGas

    I guarantee you it will be on sale during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas for $6.33 and then $4.99, respectively.

  • Eric Robbins

    They actually do tend to repeat deals throughout the sale, so I would be surprised if Borderlands DIDN’T turn up again.

    Until July 10th, I just wouldn’t buy anything that isn’t in the daily deals.

  • Eric Robbins

    I have Borderlands, so perhaps we can play some night. I’m busy for awhile, but I’ll keep an eye out for you.

  • Eric Robbins

    Don’t forget that your tickets can be redeemed for DLC / games (Alien Breed 2, at the moment). Each item in the prize store costs three tickets, but redeeming them DOES NOT remove any from the grand drawing.

  • Doublelime

    does anyone have a list of the challenges you have to complete to get the tickets :D

  • Eric Robbins

    They’re linked on the main page of the Steam store (, but the sale ends in about fifty seconds.

  • Doublelime

    ya i couldnt find them anywhere.Bit of a waste.I think i did good.I got left for dead 2,portal 2,bully:scholarship edition and battlefield bad company 2