RIP Black Rock Studios


Dear Reader,

Sad news today. Black Rock Studios, the geniuses behind “Pure” and “Split/Second,” was closed by Disney. This is a crime of the highest order. Both titles were outstanding and innovative racers, neither received proper marketing support, and now of course they’re being put on the business end of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m hearing rumors that, frankly, Disney mismanaged Black Rock, farming out work they could’ve been doing themselves and not utilizing their talents fully. Whether that’s true or not, this should not be a closed studio. There’s no excuse.

Good night, sweet Black Rock. You may just go down as the racing genre’s Looking Glass Studios.


you know nothing about the horse

  • Maul

    That’s like 16 studios this year, and not the first owned by Disney.

    Another one bites the dust…

  • CptCluster

    that’s too bad, “Pure” was genuinely pretty cool. way better than any of the “MotorStorm”s