World of Warcraft finds a new way to force you to play with friends.



Blizzard has a new way to keep you coming back for more in the World of Warcraft.  First, the game became free to play through level 20, which was a genius idea.  No longer do I have to feel guilty about recruiting friends to play with me, only to find I’m busy for the next month and they’re wasting their $15.  Now, Blizzard has added another feature that gets old raiders and dungeon explorers like me back in the…game?  The point is, I used to fight through most of WoW’s dungeons, but I haven’t for sometime.  That could change with the addition of the RealID Party system.

For players using Blizzard’s RealID system, you can now join friends on another server’s party.  This is fantastic for players like myself, who long ago left PvP realms for the more relaxed PvE realms but left many friends on other servers.  Now we can all play together, regardless of Realm / Server, which is great.  Now I can continue to play the content I want, with the people I want, on the Realm I choose.  That’s fantastic, am I’m pretty stoked to see where they take this (please say raiding, please!).

For those of you that haven’t tried World of Warcraft, you’re missing out.  Join Red, Barb, possibly Break, and myself on the Duskwood realm!  Download your first taste here.

  • Andrew Allen


    Damn it, Blizzard. I’ve resisted the siren call of this thing for SO LONG. But how much more can I hold out?

    • Eric Robbins

      Join us!

  • Barb Steele

    Dooooo ittttttt!

  • Justin Shaikewitz

    Mama says WoW is the devil.

    Being free 2 play is interesting… Unfortunently (or fortunently perhaps) for me the alure of the X360 is still to great…