Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Revealed


Dear Reader,

Hey man, how’s it going? You looking for a fix, man? I got what you need. I got that “Arkham City” Collector’s Edition JPEGs, man. I know what you need. You need to stare at this and pretend the game is already out. You need to pretend that life has any meaning whatsoever between now and mid-October 2011. And even though the actual contents of this Collector’s Edition are piss-poor—a token statue, a copy of the years-old “Gotham Knight” movie, a soundtrack no one would buy on its own, and some pretty pictures—looking at it all laid out in front of you helps make the shakes go away. Take a deep breath. We’re gonna get through this together.


there goes the next chief of police

  • Don Jaime


    I think I’ll just buy the regular version thx.

    You could probably just get a much cooler batman model kit for cheaper. That’s about the only thing that looks interesting and it’s probably hollow.

    But I don’t care. The game will kick major ass despite the crappy collector’s edition stuff.

  • Andrew Allen

    Agreed on all counts. You should’ve seen this game at E3, it was enough to make a grown man cry.