Why Yes, I’ll Buy That: Sid Meier’s Pirates Released for iPad




Every now and then a game gets re-released or dropped in price, something that makes one turn one’s head. At a time such as this, it’s difficult not to say: “Why yes, I’ll buy that. Thank you for offering.”

Today, Sid Meier’s Pirates was re-released for the iPad. It is available for $3.99 until July 25th, after which the price raises to $6.99.

I don’t know about you, but 4 bucks for one of the greatest pirate games of all time isn’t just a steal, it’s downright looting and pillaging. If you have an iPad and you’re not offended by burly chaps swinging their swords and firing their cannons, you don’t have a reason NOT to buy this.

Details from the press release after the break.

The app allows would-be buccaneers to serve as captain as they raid and plunder the 17th Century Caribbean. As the fearless leader, players can successfully navigate pirate ship battles and triumphantly dispatch opponents in clanging sword fights using an all-new touch screen interface while they embark on a quest to save their family from the evil Marquis de la Montalban.

The Sid Meier’s Pirates! App is an adventure-driven entertainment experience where swashbucklers descend upon unsuspecting ports of call to assemble a motley crew of seafaring bandits. Captains can collect secret treasure maps, undertake daring missions, wreak havoc with local townspeople, and swiftly hand out pirate-style justice to local braggarts before setting sail for breathtaking open sea engagements.

Overflowing with intense pirate action, the Sid Meier’s Pirates! App has a treasure chest of gameplay riches, including classic mini-games from the original title, such as Sword Fighting, Ship Combat and Dancing. In addition, the game offers iPad 2-exclusive features, including visuals that are optimized for the iPad, the ability to “piratize” photos to display on ships, and Game Center support.

  • http://padinga.com/members/laughingfish/ Andrew Allen

    This is the App Store at its absolute best.