Operation FemShep

Dear Reader,

Bioware needs you to explain to them what the main character of their flagship franchise looks like. Sure, the shaven-head, growly-eyed visage of ManShep has been standard issue since the first concept art leaked for the original. But with the third and final installment upon us, someone at EA suddenly realized they had never put FemShep on a box. Ever. Oops.

So now, with only a few months left before release, Bioware is scrambling on Facebook to try and figure out what on God’s green Earth Commander Ovaries should even look like. They would like you to vote for which one of their trussed up space ladies most closely resembles the War Goddess you’ve been perfecting for two whole games now. All six have the vaguely creepy, “I work whether your character is Paragon or Renegade” vibe that ManShep is so famous for.

So give them a hand, Dear Reader. “Like” one of the six possible FemSheps. They’re all on their own out there.


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  • http://padinga.com/members/don-jaime-2/ Don Jaime

    None of those are right, sadly. #5 is the closest however.

  • http://padinga.com/members/laughingfish/ Andrew Allen

    I’m a little partial to #3 myself.