Resident Evil 4 Coming To XBLA/PSN

Dear Reader,

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. As you may have heard, but it bloody well bears repeating, “Resident Evil 4″ is going to be all up in that on XBLA and PSN this September 20th, for the totally reasonable (albeit not earth-shattering) price of $20. If you’re some kind of Godless communist and haven’t played “Resident Evil 4,” this is your chance to rejoin the civilized world. “But I didn’t own a Gamecube,” you protest. That is no excuse, you should have bought one. “Luigi’s Mansion” was a small price to pay for such a perfect game.

Fortunately, Capcom is good enough to offer you an opportunity to repent your sins, they’re even tossing in that “Separate Ways” epilogue that kind of made up for how muddy the PS2 version was. Now maybe you feel like you’re too good for a game that’s a whole six years old. I urge you to reconsider. This thing makes “Dead Space 2″ look like a romp in a field of daisies, and they released it in 2005.

Oh yeah, and “Code Veronica” will also be coming out a week later. I don’t care about that one.


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  • Joe Noh

    Luigi’s Mansion is a good game.

  • Andrew Allen

    Luigi’s Mansion…is a game. It happened, I won’t deny that.