Metro: Last Light Gameplay Video


Dear Reader,

I’ve mentioned before that I admired THQ’s taking the fall for “Metro 2033″ not selling well, and insisting that they would push forward with a sequel on principle alone. My curiosity was peaked by this apparent breathless idealism (if it can be believed), and it led me to actually try out the original for myself. I was very impressed. I think “flawed masterpiece,” the term THQ coined for it, is about as perfect a description as possible. It has problems, but it’s also a breathtakingly beautiful and atmospheric experience. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to “Metro: Last Light,” which is scheduled for 2012 sometime. This game calls out for a sequel, where the development team can iron out the kinks and up the strengths to deliver a home run. Remember that “Burnout” and “Hitman” were both duds on their initial releases, but the developers pushed forward anyway and got a franchise for their trouble. The same could happen here.

Anyway, check out this gameplay video. I’m excited.