Borderlands 2!

Dear Reader,

Christmas come early, kiddos! The long-suspected, basically inevitable sequel to “Borderlands” has just been announced by Gearbox and 2K Games, with plans to debut it at Gamescom and then PAX Prime a few days later. Predictably, there are no real details outside of your typical “better, faster, stronger” industry fluff, but I think we should start seeing some hard data sooner rather than later. The game will actually be released in 2012, although the exact date still seems a bit loose.

Actually, this guy turned out to be a complete wimp

Honestly, I have zero interesting news developments for this one, so I’ll just pontificate for a second about how great the original “Borderlands” was. Did you play it? Did you? It was awesome. It’s like if “Diablo” had sex with “Fallout 3.” It’s decent enough by yourself, but get a friend involved, it’s about as fun as a game can be for at least 20 hours. It’s why we’re all giving Gearbox a polite pass on “Duke Nukem Forever.” They meant well, and they made “Borderlands.” Sssh, it’s okay, Randy. Let’s just not speak of it ever.


i’ll show myself out

  • Jamie

    Great news!
    Hopefully this time around Gearbox gets some dedicated servers for pc multiplayer.  Being forced to use GameSpy just so you can host or try to join with the lovely port forwarding issues is crap.  That shit’s unacceptable in this day and age.  Thank goodness for GameRanger and Hamachi.

  • Andrew Allen

    True enough! Of course, you COULD just play it on the consoles and solve this whole problem. :)