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I’m unveiling a new article type today, called “You Got My Attention.” For anyone who knows what that’s a reference to, congratulations. For the rest of you, go kill yourselves. Anyway, in this piece I’ll highlight an upcoming game that has recently sparked my interest, normally with a decisive new tidbit of information. For this week, that title is “End of Nations,” the upcoming F2P title from Trion Worlds and Petroglyph Games. Take a gander at this sexy Gamescom trailer action, then hit the jump for some more details and why I’m interested.

Attention-Getter: “End of Nations”

Explain!!!!: A free-to-play RTS game for Windows, combining strategy with the persistent world and progression systems of an MMO.

Cause of Attention: First of all, I find the idea of merging persistence and progression with RTS to be, oh what’s the word, bangin. It’s been done before, but not really definitively (sorry, “Tom Clancy’s EndWar”). Furthermore, developer Petroglyph is alleged to be founded by the minds behind the original “Command and Conquer,” and while nothing they’ve put out has really blown my mind, they’ve been working steadily and certainly know the RTS world. Making the game F2P is brilliant with optional subscriptions has also been done before, but not in this genre. It’s ambitious, it’s forward thinking, and the trailer looks good. I’m officially keeping my eyes on this one.


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  • Dustin Hall

    Their studio is in Las Vegas. Just sayin’.