Stop Everything! Prey 2 Screens!

Dear Reader,

Hi, how are you? How are things? Shut up, I don’t care. Stop everything you’re doing. Stop everything you’re thinking about doing. If you’re resuscitating an old lady right now, and she’s just starting to come around, I want you to stop. Because I have “Prey 2″ screens. Oh brother, do I have “Prey 2″ screens. Many of you weren’t at E3, so perhaps you don’t realize the depth of raw, undulating awesome that this game possesses. Take my word for it: you need to care about this title. You need to care about it a lot.

Hit the jump to see some new screens from one of the best upcoming shooters out there. And see if you spot the return of an old character from the original.


my heart isn’t black, it’s just dirty from the floor





  • Anonymous

    Kinda looks like Mass Effect meets Borderlands.
    Not that it’s a bad thing.

  • Andrew Allen

    In a weird way, that’s kind of what it is. Toss in the fluidity of movement of “Mirror’s Edge” (whatever your feelings there), and you’ve got a decent approximation of where they’re going.