The Game Show – Break Gets a 3DS and PAX is Upon Us!

Topics Discussed:

We Be Live
Mecha Playing Disaster: Day of Crisis
Break Gets His DS, Ignores Show
GameStop Opens Copies of Deus Ex, Removes OnLive Codes
Sega Announces Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown, Q Squees
Old Republic Pre-Orders to be Limited
999 Doing Really Well
PlayStation Home Being Remade
PAX Incoming
Squeenix to Reveal New Game at PAX

…and of course all the musings and ramblings of Q, Joe, and Mecha. Yet another fine edition of The Game Show. Download today!

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Also, for the very first time, we live streamed the show on! Still a few small issues to work out like volume balance and background music, but you get to see Q’s bright shining “face”, as it were. Watch the show with video accompaniment here:

Watch video here