PAX Prime 2011: Day 1 Impressions

Whew. Day 1 of PAX Prime is finally coming to a close here is Seattle and what a day it has been. I got a chance to check out some of PAX’s hottest titles today. Here are some impressions…

Skyrim: I spent an hour playing through the latest build and I get a sense that it didn’t do it justice. There’s so much to explore. There’s so much to do. This game is epic in every sense of the word. Get ready to not have a life folks.

Counterstrike Global Offense: Unfortunately I did not get to play this today, but I did get to see it in play. From what I saw, one of the new maps was an urban setting, not unlike something from Modern Warfare. When I think about it, if Valve is attempting to tap into the vast amount of Modern Warfare fans, using Counterstrike makes alot of sense.

Path of Exile: This was probably my biggest surprise of the day. Path of Exile will appeal to Diablo fans in ways that even Torchlight can’t. Grinding Gear Games is a newer company that will definitely receive the attention they deserve with Path of Exile.

King of Fighters XIII: God bless SNK Playmore for developing this and Atlus for publishing this. KOF 13′s character roster is impressive, but what’s more impressive is how KOF is keeping the hope of 2D sprite-based gaming alive. This is not a demake, a re-release, or retro-style game. This is brand spanking new.

More to come…

  • Anonymous

    This is good!
    Only being able to play one hour of Skyrim seems like a cruel joke.  It needs to be November already as I’m more than ready to not have a life!