PAX Borderlands Madness!

One of the most overused screenshots of Borderlands, but certainly one of the BEST.


I loves me some Borderlands, yes I do. You may recall it was my GOTY the year it came out, back when no one else on the site knew what it was. Now they all own a copy. Such is the power of a damn good game.

And of course, Borderlands 2 has been announced, and of course, it was present at PAX. But they weren’t content to just bring it. They fucking BROT’IT (add stereotypical horizontal head slide).

Not only did Gearbox hand out FREE BORDERLANDS 2 FULL COPY REDEMPTION CODES to everyone who attended (damn my inability to attend this year!), but Borderlands 1 got some love as well. Gearbox announced that September 9th would see a new patch for Borderlands, featuring Steamworks support and new data gathering algorithms that will communicate back to Gearbox certain kinds of data, including which gear and environments are not being explored, and how badly certain gear is actually working in the game environment. There have been no exact details on what Steamworks functions will be brought to the game, but here’s me crossing my fingers, knocking on wood (ok, pressed board), tossing salt over my shoulder, etc. for CLOUD SAVES. PLEASE GOD JESUS BUDDHA GABE NEWELL LET THERE BE BORDERLANDS CLOUD SAVES.