Metro: Last Light Extended Gameplay Demo

Dear Reader,

I told you I was going to give some love to “Metro: Last Light,” and I meant it. This was only reinforced by me checking out the original recently, and being very impressed. So here’s a nice, long sample of gameplay footage from the upcoming title. Open your mind to new possibilities, and give it a look. I think they might really have an outstanding title on their hands here.

  • Anonymous

    Holy fuck, that’s a spicy meatball.

    From the tight combat, seemingly flawless transitional cinematic gameplay, dynamic stealth mechanics, lifelike 1st person action views (like pulling yourself to your feet using crates and such…sometimes it’s the little things), a foreign apocalyptic environment and survival horror elements, this is more than likely going to wind up on my must-buy list.

    Good thing it’s coming out next year, I’ve got too much crap to buy right now as it is.  Will definitely be checking out Metro 2033 as well.  Thanks for the heads up AA!

  • Andrew Allen

    You got it, man. The original’s got its flaws, but the atmosphere is great and it’s a lot of fun. I think you’ll enjoy it.