MW3 On Steam, Battlefield 3 on Gamestop, World is Over

Dear Reader,

In an inversion of the natural order that would make Lewis Carroll dizzy, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3″ will take the moral high ground and deploy on Steam. That strange, tingling sensation Activision is feeling right now comes from doing something nice. It’s unfamiliar to them, and doubtless they will soon shiver it off and return to their mountain cave above Whoo-Ville.

This news, coupled with our previously reported lack of “Battlefield 3″ on Steam, is the death of a sane world. I’m not without appreciation for the “Call of Duty” franchise, but it has evolved into a truly crass thing, built on a business model that relies on habit and addiction more than customer satisfaction. What it’s doing in the most customer-friendly atmosphere imaginable is beyond me, but what’s even more baffling is the simultaneous absence of “Battlefield 3,” a title much more in line with Valve’s player-positive psychology.

Seriously, is it opposite day and no one told me?


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