Barb Surfs The Web and Finds… OH CRAP! WE’RE DOOMED!


SCIENCE shows that video games can cause serious injuries! Thank god the internet is here to warn us of our doom. (Because really, are a couple of pictures going to stop us?)

Here’s a sample from Game Arthritis:  Check out the site, and then come back to me, baby. I’ll be waiting for you right after the jump.

CASE #5 WASD Syndrome

CASE #6 Xbox Hypertrophy

If the wonderfully staged photos didn’t give it away (nice makeup jobs!), or the gobbledygook medical synopses, then know that these photos are part of a photo series by Matteo Bittanti & the European-based internet prankster group Iocose.

I started off planning to write on video game related conditions, or maybe the 40 poorly shot but still kind of cool videos these people shot at the “Neoludica Art is a Game” event where “Game Arthritis” was showcased.

This one’s great if you like white noise and awkward views of women’s asses. Which you all probably do. Pigs.


Ultimately though, this Iocose group is far more interesting than the art piece that got me going on this article. In all my copious time spent on the internet, somehow I’ve never heard of this group before.

What really fascinates me is their CV. And the fact that internet pranksters HAVE a CV. Imagine if 4chan and Anonymous acted like artists instead of jovial terrorists? Hell, Iocose falsely reports Madonna’s death, email-bombs Italian Democratic voters, and builds a guillotine at IKEA, and they’ve gotten grants for their work. That’s pretty awesome.

So there you go. This article has no thesis whatsoever, since one cool link lead to another and I’m easily distracted. But now you have some things to Google to fill your long lonely hours at work. Check out Iocose’s other works, or look up Neoludica Art is a Game and (provided you read Italian) you may stumble across some of the really neat indie games and game-related displays they had, or sit back, grab a beer, and browse through Game Arthritis‘ site, gloating over the fact that your fingers are still a normal size. Unless they aren’t. You freak.

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