Dead Island on Steam: A Great Deal… and a Warning.

Dead Island has finally arrived, and the public at large can decide for themselves if the hype generated by one of the greatest trailers of all time was worth it.

Many will flock to stores to pick up this title, but I know that many of you out there are Steam users. Lord knows we (justifiably) crank the shaft of that service enough that I don’t know how a Google search for Steam could not lead you here. I think any Steam purchase should come with a subscription to Padinga.

Anyway, its on there, and its a hell of a deal… but there’s a caveat involved. Hit the link, dear children, we’ll discuss…

So, yeah, you could get Dead Island for the PS3 or 360, but if you go Steam, as always, it’ll be cheaper. To get the deal, go through Green Man Gaming.

Pop over there, drop in the coupon code “EATIN-BRAIN-ZZZZZ” , and the price should go down to $36.09 (this is a UK site, but the deal IS valid in the United States. Yay, internets). The deal was still valid as of 9/4, so hurry before they change their minds.

However, the one caveat is that at the moment, Deep Silver Games is reporting that the wrong version of Dead Island got uploaded onto the Steam servers. Its an earlier, glitchier build of that game that isn’t quite fit for human consumption. You may want to wait until tomorrow for the problem to fix itself, but if you do decide to download the game today, or already have, the company says that a patch will quickly be released to fix the errors that are bound to crash your gaming experience.

Either way, go forth, and have fun bashin’ them zombie skulls.


  • Dustin Hall

    I went stupidly dramatic with this headline. Sensationalism! 

  • Andrew Allen

    Hmmm. Thanks for the warning.