Bite-Sized Indie: Every Day The Same Dream


I came across this simple Flash game during last week’s internet wanderings. It was part of the Neoludica exhibition. I don’t know whether or not Italians actually do it better, but this game is pretty neat.

Produced in six days for the Experimental Gameplay Project by Molleindustria, this little indie is a short, existential commentary on alienation and the mundane. It’s also a pretty sweet interactive music video.

Your routine is to get up, get dressed, go to work, and sit at your cubical – wash, rinse, repeat – and the fun of the game comes from the discovery of the various rebellions that break that mold and build to the somewhat chilling conclusion of the game.  It’s a bleak, lonely story, broken up by a few moments of beauty (I won’t ruin it, but the bit with the cow was wonderful, as it’s the only real interaction the character has with anyone).

Every Day the Same Dream

Enjoy, dear readers, and check out Molleindustria’s other games. I can’t speak to their quality but some of them look, er… interesting…

  • Andrew Allen

    I played this and thought it was one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever come across. Great find, Barb.