Dr. Noh Chimes in on Recent Nintendo Rumblings



The leaked information of the slide pad attachment for the 3DS is making video game fans across the internet cry foul upon Nintendo. The current thought is that because the release of this addition is coming, there will inevitably soon be a redesign of the 3DS with the second slide pad built in, a 3DS Lite if you will. With the recent price drop of the 3DS and the recently leaked slide pad information, the result is the belief that Nintendo does not have confidence in their hardware.

As much as I love the internet, I tire of the knee jerk reaction that video game fans tend to have. Video Game Fans are fickle. When it comes to consoles, sins are quick to be shat upon, but are just as quickly forgiven when there is a reason to play said shat on console. With the Wii-U and this new 3DS slide pad attachment, video game fans are jumping the gun. There is barely any knowledge about these products. The Wii-U has no price point, release date, and launch title list. We have no idea if the 3DS slide pad is intended to be used beyond Monster Hunter 3G. Have some patience. Take a shit on whatever you want when you actually know something about it, or better yet, after you have played it.

Recent sentiment towards Nintendo on the internet is to question whether they should get out of the hardware business and focus on software, as Sega has. I don’t quite understand why this thought exists given how successful Wii and DS were. It’s one thing for Sega to have had an unsuccessful Saturn in the US, and the Playstation 2 dominating over the Dreamcast. I don’t think Nintendo is anywhere close to that situation. Have some faith. You can never count Nintendo out.

  • Anonymous

    It happens whenever something happens.  OMGWTFBBQ did you hear that X did X?  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? 

    Come on, Gamers.  Do we constantly need to divide ourselves?  Nintendo has had some of the biggest hardware innovations in the industry going back to the D-Pad on the NES.  And with them doing so well with the Wii and original DS, that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.  0. 

    How about a company that makes a system that breaks 1/3 of the time?  Or, how about a company that lets hackers steal all your information?  Should those unnamed companies get out of the hardware business or having an online store?  NO.  There are plenty of good things they do beyond those large mistakes.

    I hate this facet of human nature where we instantly pick a side and attack attack everyone on the other side of the fence.  Wait till you try the fucking thing out and then make an opinion.

    I was skeptical of the 3DS, but I am now a big fan of it. I think its great.  I also think the Vita is great.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PUKE ON ONE TO LIKE THE OTHER.

    Jesus titfucking Christ, get a grip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Allen/7605503 Andrew Allen

    It’s true that you can never count Nintendo out, and saying they should get out of hardware is lunacy. All the same, their most recent business decisions strike me as a hectic hodgepodge at best. Maybe they’ll pull it off, we’ll have to see.