Painfully Accurate Infograph Bashes Wii U

Dear Reader,

Dear Lord in Heaven, please tell me that Dr. Noh isn’t watching this right now. An associate of mine came upon this exhaustive, fascinating and just slightly cruel infographic about the evolution of video game controllers, and where the Wii U fits into that storied family tree (you can see the original link here). Of course, I must needs deduct two bajillion cool points from whomever made this for neglecting the “Steel Battalion” controller. But perhaps they were right. “Controller” is too small, too condescending a term to encapsulate your interaction with SB. It was more of an…apparatus.


  • Dustin Hall

    Yeah, and generally this is a cool poster, but I thought the isolation of the Wii-U is kinda BS. Say what you will about it, but the controller did evolve from a progression of other controllers. The PSP and VITA are virtually Dual Shock controllers mated with a Gameboy of some generation or another, and that, coupled with a Wii-Mote, make the Wii-U ‘mote. If anything, it stands in isolation because it just does effin’ everything. 

  • Mark Ross

    Pffftttt. Haters gonna hate. Whatev.

  • Eric Robbins

    I feel like that’s more complimentary than anything.  Kind of a whole “this thing stands alone” sort of mentality.  Maybe I’m just crazy.

  • Anonymous

    “I HATE SOMETHING I HAVEN’T PLAYED OR EVEN SEEN GAMES FOR”  The obvious rational response.

    We know nothing about the WiiU except that it is made by Nintendo.