Capcom Knows How to Make a Damn Trailer

I could watch this shit all day. Capcom keeps dropping more and more info about Street Fighter X Tekken, and while it’s no secret that I despise Tekken with a passion unrelenting borne of the 11th layer of Hell (What makes you think there are only 9 levels? If any locale is inherently ‘turning it up to 11′, it’s Hell), I cannot help but get more and more excited with each information drip that comes through the CapcomUnity IV.

Capcom seems to be making this more and more into a top-tier title for them, considering the amount of work going into it. Overall, it seems as though gameplay will be somewhere between Street Figher IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, both in terms of speed and features. Not only does it seem to be quite combo-heavy, even relying on switching characters mid-combo just like MvC, it will have something similar to X-Factor called Pandora Mode. On the other hand, it seems to also contain more fighter vs. fighter strategy than MvC. Extremely intriguing. Throw into the mix the fact that you can now accept challenges when you are training, even while training cooperatively, and you have a very strong case for Capcom putting a lot of love into this game.

More features and gameplay mechanics video after the break.

Perhaps the most interesting feature, however, may create a ripple in the eSports world of competitive fighting games. Two 2v2 modes have been announced, one in which you can switch fighters mid-battle and your partner controls the other fighter, and another in which both partners are fighting simultaneously, one fight in the background and the other in the foreground. Expect 2v2 to have a presence at your local tournaments, and possibly even EVO2K12.

Here’s the previous gameplay mechanics video from Gamescom 2011, in case you missed it. GOD I’m getting stoked for this game.