The Room Tribute


Oh hai, reader! I didn’t know it was you.

You know what’s great? Tommy Wiseau’s amazingly campy movie The Room. You know what’s even better? The incredibly campy game The Room Tribute!

You haven’t heard of The Room, you say? Well, you’ve been missing out. It’s L.A.’s favorite  “midnight movie” cult classic, filling theaters once a month with rowdy fans (actual celebrities and comedians included) who throw spoons and footballs and yell callback lines in unison. It’s the dramatic version of Rocky Horror Picture Show, except without any of the awesome songs, and much worse writing. It’s so bad that it’s one of the best worst movies ever.

So you’ve seen the movie and experienced the joy of sitting in a theater with a bunch of people throwing spoons at the screen, or have sat in the comfort of your own living room playing it with RiffTrax, and you want more. You don’t just want to watch the movie. You want to LIVE IT.

I don’t blame you. And lucky for you, your friends over at Newgrounds have you covered. So leave your stupid comments in your pocket and hit the jump.

The plot of the game is faithful to the movie, with plenty of send ups to all of the original terrible dialogue and oddly paced scenes.

The benefit of a video game, as some of you may know, is that it’s interactive, and this game gives you plenty of ways to interact. There are lots of hidden gems for anyone with the patience to find them — collecting spoons leads to the best ending, and exploring can lead to trophies, like reading Denny’s daily diary, or seeing the “six things that can’t be unseen”, all of which are hilarious. Also, since the movie never shows Mark or Denny’s apartments, I have to applaud the designer’s interpretation of how Mark’s “love shack” and Denny’s janitor closet apartment would look.

Now YOU can fight Chris R. and ask him "WHAT KIND OF DRUGS?!"

My only real criticism of the game is that it’s entirely mouse based, with no keyboard functionality. Clicking to move got a bit annoying, and since the scenes themselves are based on the entirely overwritten scenes in the movie, sometimes I felt like I had to click about a hundred times to get through the text (after you beat the game they tell you you can hit “s” to skip the dialogue). Tapping the space bar would have been a little less wearisome. A minor gripe for a game that made me giggle so much.

If you haven’t seen The Room, you need to rectify that, stat. And when watching the movie just isn’t enough, now you know where to go.

I’m tired, I’m wasted, I love you, darlings. This is Barb, signing off.

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