Star Wars: The Old Republic Dated, Detailed, and Padinga Guild Incoming


December 20, 2011. A day which shall live in infamy.

It’s the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the highly-anticipated sequel to Wo… I mean, Star Wars MMORPG. Many nay-sayers claimed it would not be out this year, as EA proclaimed, and look at them now! Their faces in the dirt, covered in mud. Sure it’s the very end of the year, but beggars can’t be choosers. Unless they’re members of the Beggars’ Guild.

And speaking of Guilds, we are proud to announce the formation of:

The Padinga Alliance! Our very own Galactic Republic PvE-focus guild! And you can join now, even though the game is not out yet! Go to this address and click on “Apply to this guild” to submit your application!

Oh, and subscriptions cost money. It’ll be the standard $14.99 per month, like other mainstream MMOs.

  • Eric Robbins

    When this gets delayed, I’m going to laugh.

  • Anonymous

    When this gets shit reviews and nobody plays it, I’m going to laugh.

  • Dustin Hall

    I’m going to create a Maul Sith guild and hunt your asses down!… actually, no, I’ll probably never play it. But if I did, that’s what I’d do.