Dead Island: The Trailer: The Movie


Dear Reader,

Mayhaps you heard that LionsGate has optioned “Dead Island” for a feature film. Did you hear that, Dear Reader? If so, you heard lies. I have scanned the press release carefully, and here’s what it actually says:

“LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), a leading global entertainment company, today announced that it has optioned film rights from Deep Silver to develop a feature inspired by Dead Island, which became a viral media sensation when its haunting, artful trailer launched in February 2011.”

Look at you go

Anyone else notice that the game itself, a flawed but admirably innovative open world zombie shooter, is the red-headed stepchild of this press release? These people are making a feature adaptation of a freaking viral trailer, and tossing the game itself to the side like bones from a chicken wing. But no wait, it gets better. Later on in the press release, it says this:

“Like the trailer that will serve as its primary creative inspiration, the film DEAD ISLAND will be an innovation of the zombie genre because of its focus on human emotion, family ties and non-linear storytelling.”

I’m halfway between admiring their honesty and wanting to cry bloody murder. Either way, the project is being produced by Sean Daniel through the Sean Daniel Company, which, shocking twist, he owns. Your move, Shyamalan.


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  • Brendan Corcoran

    Although they say the trailer is the “primary creative inspiration” (which is sort of a good thing, honestly), it might be worth noting that the trailer is directly related to the game in many ways.

    While I haven’t beaten the game, nor do I know if the characters in the trailer are ever met (though I somehow doubt it), I can say that if they involve even a fraction of the storytelling in the game, it will probably end up being an above average zombie flick.

    Of course, one would hope for a well above average zombie flick, and, honestly, who wouldn’t want another movie on the caliber of Dawn of the Dead?

    I think it has potential…