Battlefield 3 Beta Available



The public beta for Battlefield 3 has been available for about 24 hours, and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you all to download it for your system of choice.  If you’re on PC, I hope you’re not suffering through all the questionable design decisions I am.  Decisions such as being able to only open the options menu while playing and alive, making you an easy kill while you tweak your video settings.  Decisions such as the complete absence of VoIP support.  Decisions such as being forced to use a website for your server selections.

The game has been fun, for the most part, but I really have to hope that some of these…eccentricities will all be cleared up in the next four weeks.  If not, I’m curious if this beta will do more harm than good for PC gamers.  I am, admittedly, reacting to a very brief time spent with the game, but it was a very visceral, “I don’t think I like these ideas” reaction.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you…

  • Andrew Allen

    I know, right? And you STILL can’t quit the damned game except inside the next round. What is this?

  • Joe Noh

    Well, it is a beta. I’m going to cut DICE some slack and assume that the launch product will be much more refined. I could be wrong, but they’ll at the very least make improvements with patches. I’m more disappointed with the multiplayer map. I want to use vehicles!