Arrgh, Battlefield 3: Still No Postgame Quitting?

Dear Reader,

You absolutely, positively, must be kidding me. This has to be a joke. Why can’t I quit “Battlefield 3″ at the end of a game, like a civilized human being? Why do I have to wait until the next round is completely loaded, spawn my character, and then quit? Who do I have to thank/shoot in the face for this brilliant design choice? What the hell, DICE?

"He should have quit while he was ahead. Oh wait, he couldn't."

This was a problem in “Bad Company 2″ as well, one which I assumed was just…honestly, I don’t know what I thought. It was a quirk, and I was so fond of that game that I pushed it into the back of my brain–into that dense, cold region where we stuff things we just have to accept. But now, with the return of the mandatory follow-up round, I can suppress this gnawing grievance no longer. DICE is doing this on purpose, and it’s stupid.

First of all, it’s a remarkably–and unnecessarily–insecure move. When you make a product as high-quality as the “Battlefield” franchise, you don’t need to trick me into loving it long time, I have every intention of playing the hell out of it of my own free will.

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And secondly, it promotes one of the most destructive habits known to team-based multiplayer shooters: mid-game quitting. Actually, no, “promotes” is not the correct word. It “requires” mid-game quitting. “Battlefield 3″ actually mandates the rage-quit.

And why? To squeeze a few extra hours out of us? Are we just pinatas to you, and you’re worried you’re not whacking hard enough? Do you think the hardcore fanbase you’re selling to is too stupid to notice such a lame trick? This is on par with casinos having no clocks or windows, it speaks ill of your intentions and your opinion of your customers.

You guys make good games, and you’re supposed to be above this.


you can’t fight in here, this is the war room 


  • Brendan Corcoran

    I think this is more of a by-product of not having game lobbies more than anything, although the option should be there to leave before the match starts.

    I think the other reason they do it is not to making quitting TOO easy, as not to encourage people to leave a game every time they lose. It’s inconvenient, yes, but without game lobbies, it’s a different dilemma entirely.

    • Andrew Allen

      Yeah, that’s another thing, how about a freaking lobby up in this piece?