Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Felicia Day

Dear Reader,

I didn’t care for “Dragon Age 2″ myself, but in case you did, and in case you also like Felicia Day, here’s the result of those two things slammed together in a particle accelerator: “Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin,” a new DLC for Bioware’s fantasy RPG that’ll be available sometime this coming…now. You can get it today. Despite my ambivalence towards DA2, this trailer is pretty bangin’. It’s got an elfin assassin, played by Ms. Day, leaping around and doing all those things which elfin assassins are wont to do.

From what I can tell, this will basically be just like “Stolen Memory” for “Mass Effect 2.” Actually, it seems like it will be exactly like it, maybe even a carbon copy. I mean, look at it: you get an annoying new female team member who bosses you around but won’t let you sex her up, you infiltrate some freaking place because she wants to and no other reason at all, you complete some oddly implemented stealth levels that make you feel like a tool, and then your new asexual companion finds emotional resolution for a plot arc you were just introduced to five minutes ago, while you watch from the sidelines thinking, “Whoop de freaking doo.”

Sounds like a blast. Still, if you’re into Felicia (and who isn’t?), it might be worth checking out.


  • http://www.facebook.com/dustin.hall1 Dustin Hall

    Eh. She’s ok. I had better. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=8208747 Barb Steele

    If FD is the big selling point, why did she have no lines in the trailer?

    • Anonymous

      THAT might be the selling point

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Allen/7605503 Andrew Allen

        Hahaha, buuuuurrrnn.