Own a Piece of World of Warcraft



If you’ve been a fan of World of Warcraft for some time, Blizzard may have come up with one of the most unique charity auctions ever.  Starting next week on October 17th, Blizzard will be auctioning the original server blades used for World of Warcraft.  That’s right, the realm itself, housed in its metal coffin.  The blade have been retired, taken out of service for newer, faster hardware, but that shouldn’t stop your trip down memory lane.  The blades are engraved and signed by various members of the WoW crew, adding to the nerd points you’ll be accruing.  However, the thing that excites me the most is the opportunity to bid on the exact realm you want to own.  Daggerspine and Duskwood, you’re coming home!

Check it out!