Next Best Thing to WoW is Now On Sale, Limited Time Only!


What’s the matter, friend? That same old WoW game got you down? Tired of running around Azeroth again and again? Got nothing better to play online until December? What’s an online gamer to do?!

Well fret no more, dear gamer! Now, there’s Rift! What’s Rift, you ask? Well, it tastes like WoW, it feels like WoW, it even talks like WoW, but guess what? It’s not WoW! If you’re looking for a WoW-like experience, but without the same old setting, Rift is for you! And now through Oct. 19, you get can this amazing game for only $4.99! That’s right, $4.99. Not two payments, not three payments, but one payment only of $4.99! ($14.99/month subscription not included)

Plus, for just $10 more, you can upgrade, to the Digital Collector’s Edition OR the Ashes of History Edition. The Digital Collector’s Edition gives you a free mount, great for getting around Telara quickly and easily, and a 24-slot bag, which you’ll need for all those crafting tokens! We’ll even through in a complimentary pet with your Digital Collector’s Edition… FREE! OR you can get the Ashes of History Edition, which gives you a different mount, faction tabards, and your own personal, portable banker! No more spending valuable time or money getting back to the capital city just to get that stack of Magma Opals! Any time, any where, you can bank… bank… BANK! And each edition is only an additional $10! If you bought all these things individually, you’d be paying over $3000, but today it’s just 10 measly dollars!

And Rift isn’t exactly like WoW, either! It’s got some major differences that are sure to give it a place in your black little heart. Rift has:

  • A heavy emphasis on open-world raiding at all levels, with miniature instances spawning on the map, and featuring easily-created public grouping, as early as level 5!
  • Have multiple classes at once! A character equips up to 3 classes at a time, and depending on how points are allocated, determines the focus on each role! A mage could have one control class, one healing class, and one damage class to have an even spread of possibilities, or equip 3 damage classes which work with and support each other for MAXIMUM DAMAGE!!!
  • Periodic invasions, spawning creatures and bosses onto the world map which must be defeated to maintain certain bonuses while leveling!
  • New and improved graphics! No being held back by ancient graphic engines!

What more could you ask for for 5 bucks?! It’s just as fun as WoW, and right now, it’s super cheap! Take a 7 day trial and find out for yourself, but don’t let that Oct. 19 deadline pass you by! Trust me, I should know how fun this game is; I’m not just a guy up on stage selling this thing… I’m also a player!

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