The Stanley Parable



Here’s a trippy little game for you, a Half Life 2 mod called “The Stanley Parable” that was downloaded 100,000 in 3 weeks when it was released a couple months ago. It’s gotten a lot of well deserved buzz in the gaming world, and since I TAed one of creator Davey Wreden‘s film classes at USC a while back, I was especially curious to check it out.

It’s really better if you play the game with no preface. Just know that there are six potential endings, and I really recommend playing through to find them all. If you need some hints, the Author Commentary packaged with the game offers some clues, and is just an interesting read overall.

Download the mod here If you have Windows, you can play it without HL2 installed, but if you’re on Mac you’ve got to have the game.

I can confirm that Davey’s movies are just as existential and whacked out as this game. Actually, I think his aesthetic translates really beautifully to an interactive medium. Great job, man! I’m looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

If you really want to a jerk and ruin it for yourself, here’s a trailer. But I really recommend you just go ahead and play it.

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    I’ma download this, thanks for the heads up!