Is Battlefield 3 The New Turok 2?

Dear Reader,

The “Battlefield 3″ Beta was kind of a disappointment, and now I can’t help but wonder if the final product is going to deliver on my messianic expectations. The all-powerful graphics weren’t actually that great (on consoles), the gameplay seemed alarmingly unchanged from “Bad Company 2,” and for the love of God who do we have to screw to get a lobby up in this piece? More and more, DICE’s upcoming title is reminding me of “Turok 2: Seeds of Evil:” a good game swept into false greatness because it has a pretty face.

"Man, the texture detail on that guy I just blew to hell is amazing."

It would make sense. DICE is a great studio, and they never want for ambition, but they lack the attention to gameplay detail that makes Valve or Blizzard legends. The “Battlefield” franchise is bold, innovative, and a technological powerhouse, but I’ll be damned if “Call of Duty” isn’t better balanced and more polished. It kills me to admit that, because Infinity Ward/Treyarch are so often guilty of resting on their laurels while DICE pushes forward with adorable determination, but there’s something to be said for aiming at a target you know how to hit. Even the mighty Blizzard tend to play things pretty safe, and I think that policy pays off. Innovation is great, but it’s a loaded weapon, and you shouldn’t just wave it around.

When the Cerebral Bore came out, you knew it was trouble.

Now I loved “Turok 2: Seeds of Evil” something fierce. I played it with the lights off and the sound system cranked, and I was convinced it was the apex of manmade wonders. But when I think back to why I loved it, it’s basically just the graphics. The experience was powerful, but it dated quickly; I’m still playing “Mario Kart 64″ to this day, and I haven’t touched “Turok 2″ since. I don’t want that for “Battlefield.” I don’t want DICE’s new shooter to be the hot girl at the bar that everyone loves until the new hottest girl shows up. I know they want to take “Call of Duty” down, and I admire that, but I hope their solution isn’t to scare them with a paper tiger.


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  • Anonymous

    “The all-powerful graphics weren’t actually that great (on consoles)”

    You remember that the beta is a condensed version of the game. At 1.5gig you’re most likely no going to have hi-res textures & models.

    • Andrew Allen

      I hope you’re right, Crimson. But I dunno. The Halo and Gears betas both looked pretty similar to launch, at least to my eyes.

      • Joe Noh
        The hi-res graphics are part of a hard drive install that will be available on the game disc for consoles (apparently Rage did this as well). I’m assuming the beta didn’t have those hi-res textures. I would recommend playing BF3 on PC anyway, as long as you can stand using Origin. 

        • Andrew Allen

          You don’t say. Huh. Well that’s a HUGE relief, on the graphics front.

          I totally would play BF3 on PC if I owned a PC. But alas, I am a Mac man. And also, death to Origin.